Company Profile


Unified Housing Foundation, Inc., formerly Resource Harvest Foundation, Inc., was incorporated in late 1997 with the purpose of helping people, in need, in the vicinity of Pearland, Texas by providing food and clothing needs.


For the next 2 years, the foundation served its purpose by cooperating with churches, food banks and other charitable organizations, including Christian Alliance.  Beginning in early 2000, many of Resource Harvest Foundation’s functions and charitable purposes were merged into Christian Alliance.  Due to this consolidation, the need for a separate organization grew less essential.


Shortly thereafter, in July 2000, the corporation began to focus on providing low income housing to the community.  Lacking experience in the affordable housing arena, members of the board approached the directors of Housing Assistance Foundation, Inc. to assist them in their new direction.  After several discussions, the directors of Resource Harvest Foundation asked Housing Assistance Foundation, Inc. to assume control of the corporation with a focus of developing the low income housing program.


In Late 2000, three new directors were appointed to the board of Resource Harvest Foundation to implement the housing goals already identified.  In addition, the Board approved changes in the name, corporate charter, registered agent and bylaws that allowed the primary focus of the corporation to be affordable housing.  Following these changes, Resource Harvest Foundation became Housing Assistance Foundation for Seniors, Inc. and immediately moved toward purchasing and developing affordable housing within Texas.


In May 2002, Housing Assistance Foundation for Seniors Inc. changed its name again to Unified Housing Foundation, Inc. to better reflect the foundation’s mission of serving all people.


Currently, Unified Housing Foundation manages and/or operates over 2,000 units of affordable housing in 14 communities.  We have sponsored six tax credit properties to be built and now operate these as General Partner. We will continue to look for opportunities to build apartments and houses through these programs