Social Services


The goal and mission of UHF’s Social Services program is to provide a quality living and community atmosphere to those who are of low to moderate income levels. We service approximately 14 properties, in 10 Texas counties, with a variety of programs and services that are tailor made to fit their demographic.


We offer several different kinds of Social Services Programs to our residents. In 2022 alone our Social Services Programs helped over 1500 households with the following:


• Our Affordable Housing Program helped approximately 1300 families with monthly rent discounts

• Our Senior Rewards Program gave over 200 seniors about $25,000 in rent rebates every month

• Our Financial Assistance program helped 4 families with $5600 in assistance

• Our Resident Activities made life skills activities available to all residents


For more information on any of our Social Services Programs, please click on the links above or contact us at 214-750-8845.