At Unified Housing Foundation (UHF), we show that we care for our Seniors by paying a portion of their rent each month. As long as someone 60 years of age or older has a current/active lease, of a minimum 6 months, at any of our participating communities, we will gladly provide them with a benefits check each month to pay a portion of their rent. To apply, the individual simply fills out a quick application and from that point on they will receive a check for as long as they are a resident.


What are the Benefits?


The benefit the applicant will receive is based upon his or her age, their monthly apartment rent and their lease term. Take a look:


  •  A resident 60 years or older will receive a benefit of 10% of his or her monthly rent
  •  Lease must be active, for the month, of the benefit and be a term of at least 6 months. ***


*** Allowing your lease to lapse will negate your benefit.  If your lease is expiring, your renewal lease must be signed before your manager submits the benefit request, to ownership for that month. Otherwise, your benefit will skip a month.